Tips and tricks for Anchoring in school/college events

by amusing bulletin on August 31, 2012

Compering or Anchoring in any cultural event be it school or college is never easy and trust it’s my experience that’s speaking ;) Having compered in around 20 events so far in past 3.5 years my friends consider me a pro at it though honestly I know I can be much better at it than I am but I guess every time I compere it’s a big learning curve for me.

Well I am pretty sure every amateur anchor/comperor goes blank when it comes to preparing for the event. So I thought of blogging about some useful suggestions/tricks that  can be used while preparing for the big day.


  •   Keep the script simple. 

Do not use very heavy words. Always remember people sitting in front of you are not carrying a dictionary. All you need to do is catch there attention and you can do so only when when you have a great script in hand. Take help of someone who has good oration skills and the net of course ;)


  •  Be crystal clear.

It’s very important to be clear about the lines you speak. It gets you the actual audience. Getting there attention is the most important and yet the toughest part. Do not make your sentence too long or complicated or boring. Try being DIFFERENT. That may work or may not but it will surely get you the attention. Most importantly – DO NOT USE SLANG LANGUAGE.


  •  Do not rush.

Make at least 3 drafts of the script before finalizing anything.  Make sure all your punch lines are apt for the event. Rehearse well and if you have a partner, make sure you have good co-ordination and understanding


  •   Hope for the best – Prepare for the worst

There’s a reason why anchoring is not an easy job. You may end up in situations you didn’t fore-see while preparing. DO NOT PANIC. It’s your duty to be ready for anything that may require you to think quickly and handle the situation. Use your presence of mind and do everything with confidence.


  •  Enjoy it!

It’s really important to enjoy what you are doing. Not everyone has the guts to speak in front of a crowd. Learn from every experience and feel proud about your work.

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ania April 26, 2013 at 5:47 pm

thanks 4 nic tips ,i gain confidnc nd ready 4 my progrm


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